Paper Shredders

intimus MP&O distributes a wide range of paper shredders, designed to meet the needs of any customer. From home, office and department shredders, to the industrial and high security shredders. Our portfolio includes all range of intimus shredders, from the lowest security requirements (P-2) to he higher one (P-7) certified for government entities.

intimus 21Shreds paper and optical media in only one machine
intimus 1000 S & CDestruidora pessoal com rodas para utilização junto da sua secretária.
intimus 29Personal/office machine capable of shredding paper and optical media
intimus 2500 S & CPersonal/office shredder with castors for office use.
intimus 3000 S & CPaper and optical media destruction for office spaces of all sizes.
intimus ConfidentialThe intimus Confidential brings high security shredding to your office desk.
intimus Autoshred 180Fully automatic document shredder
INTIMUS 45The 45 office shredder delivers maximum shredding capability with a minimal footprint.
intimus 60The 60 shredder is designed for high productivity office environments, with a shredding throughput of up to 291 sheets per minute.
intimus 100The 100 meets the needs of offices with higher standards of security than those offered by entry level shredders.
intimus 120The 120 shredder is designed with the busiest offices in mind, with a total throughput of up to 736 sheets per minute.
intimus 130The 130 is ideal for large, 10+ person offices that need a fast, high capacity office shredder that will work for years without interruption.