Digital Media Shredders

intimus MP&O offers an extensive line of physical media destroyers which can shred, crush, and even granulate physical media, rendering their data unrecoverable.

intimus 85/115 OmniShred Professional, multifunctional shredder with smart feeders from the front and from the top for maximum user flexibility.
intimus FlashEx The FlashEx ensures the destruction of digital media devices and sensitive data conveniently and onsite, maintaining the security of your data.
intimus HDD Gladiator Maximize data security with the HDD Gladiator Hard Drive Shredder.
intimus HDD Granulator High-performance shredder for optical and magnetic media
intimus SSD Granulator With intimus SSD Granulator security levels of the particles and throughput can be varied by simply exchanging the screens.
intimus SSD-HDD Granulator Two-in-one solution: the perfect symbiosis of SSD and HDD granulator
intimus VZ Spezial The intimus VZ Spezial offers efficient destruction for total information security.

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