Paper Shredders

intimus MP&O distributes a wide range of paper shredders, designed to meet the needs of any customer. From home, office and department shredders, to the industrial and high security shredders. Our portfolio includes all range of intimus shredders, from the lowest security requirements (P-2) to he higher one (P-7) certified for government entities.

intimus 175The 175 is one of our fastest office shredders, with a throughput of up to 1,111 sheets per minute.
intimus 175 hybridThe intimus 175 hybrid shreds paper and optical media to the highest security standards.
intimus 205The intimus 205 offers efficient document destruction for total information security.
intimus 200 CP5Heavy-duty shredder for office use with a high security level (P5)
intimus H200Ensure complete document security with the intimus H200 CP4 professional data shredder.
intimus 007 SF/SEThe 007 SF and 007 SE Security Shredders are designed for day-to-day, high-volume usage in demanding office environments.
intimus 14.95The intimus 14 Series Large Industrial Shredders are best-in-class for complete data destruction.
intimus 14.87Industrial high-capacity shredder with baling press. The shredded material is compacted to reduce its volume by up to 70%.
intimus 16.50The intimus 16.50 SmartShred is an industrial shredder with heavy-duty conveyor belt.
intimus 16.86Industrial high-capacity shredder with baling press.
intimus VZ 14.00High-security shred press combi