Shredding & Recycling

intimus MP&O shredding and recycling solutions are the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market, thanks to our profound knowledge of technology and customer needs. We keep working for providing robust, innovative and easy to use solutions. For 50 years, intimus shredder machines have earned the trust of the largest security agencies in the world. Rest assured that your data is secured with maximum security.


intimus MP&O offers media disintegrators which streamlines the data destruction process, allowing organizations to shred documents, binders, optical discs, ID cards, and more in a single pass, without having to sort beforehand. Entire storehouses of obsolete documentation and data can be liquidated with minimal effort or time investment, requiring only the personnel necessary to transport media, operate the disintegrator, and dispose of the resulting shreds, saving you time and money.

Paper Shredders

intimus MP&O distributes a wide range of paper shredders, designed to meet the needs of any customer. From home, office and department shredders, to the industrial and high security shredders. Our portfolio includes all range of intimus shredders, from the lowest security requirements (P-2) to he higher one (P-7) certified for government entities.

Digital Media Shredders

intimus MP&O offers an extensive line of physical media destroyers which can shred, crush, and even granulate physical media, rendering their data unrecoverable.

Cardboard Packaging Shredders

The intimus MP&O Cardboard Packaging Shredders transform used corrugated cartons into valuable packaging filler. The resulting stuffing materials ensure reliable protection during shipping – even for sensitive and heavy goods. These practical filler material shredders pay for themselves quickly at any organisation that receives and ships packages on a regular basis, allowing also a direct contribution to the circular economy.


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