The supply of hygienically impeccable textiles is of central importance for employees, not only in the healthcare sector. Companies in the food industry, in clean rooms, research institutes or hotels also depend on it. Inventory control and planning reliability play a major role here. And last but not least, the staff should be relieved during the dispensing and return of textiles. With KEMAS texLOG® you automate your textile management. By using UHF RFID technology, the entire laundry cycle becomes transparent and your processes more economical.

texLOG® Cabinet solution Garment dispensing at the intelligent textiles cabinet
texLOG® Room solution Intelligent textiles deposit for workwear and other textiles with RFID
texLOG® Laundry return systems Location-independent return of dirty laundry for the highest hygienic requirements
texLOG® Registration tunnel Flexible registration of all types of textile items in incoming and outgoing goods
360° View In our 3D hospital you can get to know our texLOG® systems for textile management for workwear and linen.

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