intimus MP&O offers a complete range of products for all mailing needs and use cases, from large mailers to the most specific needs of any company, including the most modern digitization solutions. Trust our expert team in mailing solutions.


intimus MP&O offers a wide range of inserters, suitable for home, office or industrial use. Intimus inserters are highly ergonomic and easy to use thanks to the touch screen interface. Process all your mail with ease, on time, every time!

Franking Meters

intimus MP&O distributes a complete range of franking meters, suitable for small and large mail volumes. Fast, reliable and easy-to-use equipment with which to weigh and stamp your mail and parcels, improving your productivity and reducing costs in your correspondence shipments.

Paper Folders

With our Intimus folders you can carry out your folding work in a simple, precise and professional way. It has models adapted to any type and weight of paper. Impress your recipients effortlessly.

Letter Openers

The intimus MP&O range of letter openers will allow you to open all your organization's correspondence quickly and safely without damaging the contents of the envelope. From small and compact equipment to high production equipment with automatic extraction of the contents of the envelopes, there is a model for every need and environment.


intimus address printers will allow you to create better-looking mail, that stands out and improves productivity and results. Our printers are capable of handling a wide variety of envelope sizes, types of paper and mailing formats and offer spot color in various shades. In tandem with our Flexmail software solutions, your mail will be delivered to the right addresses, with ease!

Mail Sorters

intimus sorters allow to classify all types of postcards, letters and difficult-to-sort flats and small parcels. Configure the machine according to your needs, choosing between feeding mechanisms, scanning, inline scale and output printing.

Software Solutions

By using the latest mail and parcel management intimus software solutions, our team will help you to improve internal processes, increasing operational efficiency and total ownership costs.


Our high-volume scanning solutions are the only universal document digitization platform available on the market. They're designed to handle the most challenging jobs and the most complex workflows.


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