intimus MP&O offers a complete range of products for all mailing needs and use cases, from large mailers to the most specific needs of any company, including the most modern digitization solutions. Trust our expert team in mailing solutions.


Perfection is archived by taking into account the small details. Our easy to use, high quality machines ensure that your work fulfills all of your customers expectations. Whatever your needs are we can help with our products offering and technical and commercial expertise.


intimus MP&O shredding and recycling solutions are the most advanced and innovative solutions on the market, thanks to our profound knowledge of technology and customer needs. We keep working for providing robust, innovative and easy to use solutions. For 50 years, intimus shredder machines have earned the trust of the largest security agencies in the world. Rest assured that your data is secured with maximum security.


The intimus MP&O line of media security solutions streamlines the data destruction process, allowing you to logically and / or phisically destroy all of your discarded media contents in a totally safe way. Our machines can be operated with ease, ensuring no data escapes to elimination. You can choose from our offer of Degaussing machines or media Crushers.


intimus MP&O offer solutions for parcel sorting, tracking and last-mile solutions


Our hospital-grade air purifiers ensure the effective removal of ultrafine particles and viruses. Only the most efficient and reliable filter media are used to ensure long-term robust and reliable performance. Make sure you breathe better and cleaner air!


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