Smart handover solutions

You want to optimize your workflow for dispensing and returning company assets and reduce your costs? Whether key management, tool logistics or linen output system - we offer single source smart solutions to keep your both hands free!


INTIMUS has many years of experience in optimizing customers mail management & office processes with high quality solutions and highly professional Sales & Service teams. Thanks to the collaboration with KEMAS who is a German company located in Oberlungwitz and one of the leading manufacturers in the field of customer- and employee-operated handover automation solutions based on RFID technology we take the next step introducing the process-oriented self-service solutions for the transfer of company assets (e.g. keys, mail, parcels, work equipment, tools, textiles, weapons, etc.). Local INTIMUS teams together with KEMAS will analyze the customer needs providing the best in class innovative solution. The intimus local teams will manage the full implementation and service to ensure the maximum excellent customer experience. You can find INTIMUS branches in Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, France and Portugal.


With KEMAS-Intimus smart locker systems for key and medication management, visitor management and administration of weapons and ammunition, you are on the safe side. Your process-relevant valuables requiring protection are reliably stored and protected against unauthorised access, loss, manipulation and misuse.


You wish to be able to access work equipment, documents, goods or tools quickly? You want to standardize processes and maintain an overview of all resources? KEMAS-Intimus systems design process flows uniformly and reliably, automate processes and provide important information on the use and condition of resources.


The supply of hygienically impeccable textiles is of central importance for employees, not only in the healthcare sector. Companies in the food industry, in clean rooms, research institutes or hotels also depend on it. Inventory control and planning reliability play a major role here. And last but not least, the staff should be relieved during the dispensing and return of textiles. With KEMAS texLOG® you automate your textile management. By using UHF RFID technology, the entire laundry cycle becomes transparent and your processes more economical.


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