intimus degaussers allow clients erasing hard disk, data tapes and other media supports and are adequate when the highest level of data-security is required. The Intimus degaussers ensure that all the data is erased from the media before the physical destruction is carried out. intimus MP&O offers a full range of degaussers which can sanitize any drive in seconds. No matter how strict your data erasure guidelines are, Intimus HDD degaussing and erasing products will meet or exceed your needs.

intimus 8000 S The intimus 8000 S automatic degausser magnetically destroys all data on hard drives and tape in 8 seconds.
intimus 9000 S Fast, high-volume, workhorse. The compact and automatic intimus 9000S degausser, with 10,000 gauss and an oversized media slot.
intimus 20000 S The intimus 20000 S degausser is the ultimate in data destruction power.
Intimus 40000 S The intimus 40000 S degausser, the most powerfull degausser on the market.

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